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Story:The company has been majoring on cotton seed over the last few years.However,it has now begun to concentrate on other crops,especially Paddy and then subsequently wheat thereby changing the product mix of the company.Nath is also concentrating on Research & Development,with a focus to release new hybrid seeds every 2-3 years.Agriculture remains a pivotal part of the Indian Economy despite the emergence of other sectors and decreasing GDP Share.The Agri-inputs industry produces products that provide essential support to modern agriculture. The Seed is one of the most crucial inputs in agricultural production.Company is now dealing in all types of Hybrid seeds.The main stay of the company is cotton seed, for which it has already developed a BtSeed, suitable for Indian Markets.Though the company operates in a sun rising industry but I have really doubt on the integrity and efficiency of the management.Nath seeds over the years has had a bad repute with company once getting suspended from trading for a long time.Also its name got further tarnished as strong rumuors floated in the market of its association with a dubious operator.The company in fy10-11 reported a sales of 16crs which has seen a drastic drop from 28crs in fy09-10.It came in green with a profit of 1cr vs a loss of 70 lakhs,the same has been majorly contributed by the land sell which fetched 79 lakhs.Surprisingly in the 1st of quarter of the present year it reported a huge 20crs sales with an amazing 6crs profit.I have really no idea about what resulted in such a performance and specially the high NPM which emerged from nowhere.Who knows maybe the stunt in again going on in the open gallery.Corporate governance has never been in vogue for this particular company.Remains a sell on rally counter for me.

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